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Cappitech launches ‘Insights’ tool for peer review regulatory analysis

With MIFID II close to a year old, Cappitech is launching a new Insights tool to help our clients understand how they compare to the rest of the market. The Insight analysis reviews rejection ...

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MiFID II – It’s not over yet

Mifid II has already celebrated its half-year birthday and while many compliance officers may have wished to celebrate by checking the “done box” on this task, the additional MiFID II obligations ...

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Cappitech Dashboard gets an update – what’s new?

Of our product features, our dashboard is one that we are very proud of. First released in 2016, the web-based dashboard provides customers a visual display of their regulatory report submissions. ...

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Buying RegTech Software? Don’t underestimate the value of these two things

Regulation is increasing – no debate there – we all know it and we are all trying to deal with it. The upside is the regtech industry is booming and continually developing solutions to help ease ...

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Cappitech Expands Trade Reporting Solution in Australia with CME Group Integration

Cappitech, a leading provider of regulatory reporting and intelligence technology for the financial services industry, today announced hat it has expanded its integrated reporting solution to CME ...

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Cappitech launches RTS 27 Best Execution solution to bolster MiFID II offering

With the first deadline of RTS 27 reports quickly approaching, Cappitech Regulation, a leading provider of regulation technology for the financial services industry has launched a solution to ...

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FCA Seemingly exempts Cryptocurrency CFDs from MiFID II reporting

Last Friday, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a statement clarifying the authorization of cryptocurrency derivatives. In the statement (link), they explained that offering trading ...

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What’s next on the minds of CFD broker compliance teams? Capital Requirements

Regulation and compliance continues to evolve. While EMIR and MiFID II are worries of yesterday and today, tomorrow has its own set of acronyms worrying compliance officers.

With this in mind, ...

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5 EU Financial Regulation Questions that Need to be Answered in 2018

2017 was the year for MiFID II. Pretty much everyone in the European financial industry has had enough about hearing of MiFID II preparation. As MiFID II dominated the discussion in 2017, ahead of ...

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What is reportable under MiFIR (MiFID II Transaction Reporting) – Analyzing Derivatives

The goal of this article is to provide a deeper look at specific investment products and analyze how they fit within Article 26 of MiFIR (legislation link). The opinions provided are based on ...

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