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5 EU Financial Regulation Questions that Need to be Answered in 2018

2017 was the year for MiFID II. Pretty much everyone in the European financial industry has had enough about hearing of MiFID II preparation. As MiFID II dominated the discussion in 2017, ahead of ...

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Reporting EMIR to Poland’s KDPW - Why Not?

Poland as a financial center alternative to London in a post-Brexit environment is making headlines this week. The impetus is a trip scheduled by Polish Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to ...

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Pick your poison, Brexit or CySEC? (The Cappitech July Newsletter)

Happy Monday!!

We recently launched a newsletter and this is our July edition. The newsletter reviews current events in the online trading world with actionable analysis. Subscribers get an extra ...

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UK Trade Repositories and EMIR after Brexit, the future of unified global derivative reporting regulation

With the UK potentially slated to leave the EU following the Brexit referendum vote, it has triggered speculation as to EMIR regulation will continue to be applied to British firms.

A derivative ...

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Do UK firms still have to care about EMIR and MiFID II after Brexit?

With the Breixt referendum leading to a ‘leave’ vote, it puts doubt on the future of financial reporting requirements for UK firms. Notably, EMIR regulation, which went into effect in 2014 and is ...

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