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Talking Fintech and Asset Management at the ALFI European Alternative Investment Funds Conference

Closing out the European Alternative Investment Funds conference hosted by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) was a fintech panel. For asset management, innovations in finance ...

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Blockchain - 'Technology of the future'... but don’t forget to be practical

This week was an important one for us at Cappitech. After participating earlier in the year in a Fintech Roadshow of Israeli firms that travelled to Luxembourg to learn more about the local ...

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Blockchain technology for financial regulation reporting - Cappitech's analysis

In June, we published on the Cappitech Blog that the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) had created a consultation paper about the relevance of using distributed ledger technology ...

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EMIR regulation and transaction reporting could get easier with blockchain technology implementation

The European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) has recently published a Discussion Paper titled ‘The Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets’. The basic premise of the ...

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