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Why we chose an ARM vs NCA for our client’s MIFID II Transaction Reporting

Earlier this month, Cappitech published some of what we’ve learned from the first month of MiFID II going into effect. One of the items covered was our decision to report client Transaction ...

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A month into MiFID II Transaction Reporting (MiFIR), what we’ve learned

MiFID II has now been live for a little more than a month in Europe. At Cappitech, we wanted to share our experiences of complying with the Transaction Reporting requirements that are under the ...

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CySEC to open MiFID II Transaction Reporting testing in October

MiFID II transaction reporting is set to go live in January 2018.  These reports can be sent directly to a financial firm’s National Competent Authority (NCA) such as the FCA, CBOI or CySEC, or to ...

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MiFID II Reporting Breakfast for FX/CFD Brokers - Sept 13, London

MiFID II is coming soon


But if you are an FX/CFD broker and don’t want generic explanations about MiFID II & MiFIR reporting requirements. You want to know specifically how MiFID II affects you.

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MiFID II vs MiFIR: Are they the same thing or different?

MiFID II regulation is coming up in January 2018, with it are a bunch of new rules for financial firms. Making things confusing are an array of acronyms referred to when discussing MiFID II such ...

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MiFID II – How it effects non-EU financial firms

MiFID II is hitting the EU in January 2018. But if you are a financial firm and aren’t based in the EU, you shouldn’t worry, right?

Well, not quite, while MiFID II is an EU based directive, it has ...

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Preparing for MiFID II: Forex/CFD and Binary Options Brokers

MiFID II reporting is a large project to undertake. The article covers steps to put a development roadmap in place to reduce the hassle. The article was prepared for and first appeared in the ...

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Cappitech Launches MiFID II Suite of Technology for Transaction and Trade Reporting

Cappitech has extended its cross-regulation Transaction Reporting technology to support MiFID II reporting to ARMs

With less than nine month until MiFID II goes into effect on January 2018, ...

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Preparing for MiFID II? It’s all about what’s under scope and data, data, data

What are the two biggest topics for the EU financial industry at the moment? Attending the CME Group’s Regulation Conference in Dublin last week, the clear answer is MiFID II and to a lesser ...

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MIFID II reporting standards arriving to FIX Protocol – Why it matters

With MiFID II regulation arriving soon, the FIX Trading Community has been working since 2015 to create new protocols for the FIX messaging protocol especially designed for the new regulation. ...

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