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EMIR Regulation reigned, but here comes MiFID II – What you read in 2016

Throughout 2016, our Cappitech blog posted often about a variety of financial regulation initiatives affecting EU regulated brokers, banks and fund companies. Reviewing which posts were the most read provides a glimpse at which issues were the most important to our readers in 2016 and predicts what financial firms are caring about for 2017.

EMIR Regulation (especially for Forex/CFD/Binary brokers)

Topping the charts of popular articles were ‘all things EMIR’. Given Cappitech is a provider of EMIR Reporting solutions (learn more), many articles were written about the trade reporting regulation. Therefore, that the overall topic was our most read was that surprising. But, the individual top articles reveal what are major industry concerns as the majority of readers arrived at our blog via search.

money euro dollars cappitechDo forex brokers have to report spot FX trades under EMIR? – Written early in 2016, this article was our single most read article. Although being in effect since 2014, there has been much confusion about the reporting requirements under EMIR for leveraged spot forex trades, binary options and CFD trading (read the article).


What are the potential fines for EMIR Reporting Violations? - Right behind as the second most read about EMIR regulation was a post about potential fines for EMIR reporting violations. Our belief is that interest for the post was mostly driven as a result of many EU financial regulators sending inquiries of information about how firms are reporting for EMIR (read the article)

What is delegated reporting in EMIR and can it save my firm money? - Also among the top read articles was an explanation about delegated reporting. Due to the complexities of creating trade files to comply with EMIR, many financial and non-financial firms alike have looked towards 3rd parties like Cappitech, to help them with submitting EMIR reports (read the article)

Will EMIR move from double sided to single sided reporting? -  Next on the list was a discussion about the future of double vs single sided reporting under EMIR regulation. This is a major issue for the buy-side community which has been pushing for an update to EMIR that will change the reporting requirement from double to single sided and decrease their workload (read the article). The momentum appears to be working as the issue was brought up in the EC’s review report on EMIR (read the article).

2017 - MiFID II is coming

European Commission logoQuickly overtaking EMIR as the most searched and read topic on our blog is MiFID II regulation which goes into effect in 2018. The uptick in MiFID II versus interest for EMIR reporting reveals that 2017 will be the year of MiFID II and the Cappitech Blog aims to be ready with articles answering our readers questions.

MiFID II Preparation – Reporting to ARMs (Approved Reporting Mechanism)
– This was by far our top MiFID II article in 2016, and will soon overtake all EMIR articles to become the Cappitech blog’s all-time most read post. With MiFID II coming, firms are searching to learn how and where they should be sending reports, which led them to our summary on ARMs. (read the article)

MiFID II Preparation: Trade vs Transaction Reporting and ARMs vs APAs – We followed up on the popularity and demand of the above article with a post that described the difference between Trade and Transaction reporting. Only published in the middle of December, current trends show that it will be one of the blog’s most popular for 2017. (read the article)


ALFI conference Luxembourg panel (L to R) Serge Weyland, Nejc Kodric, Ronen Kertis, Nasir Zubairi, and Jack EhlersAlso among the top ten in articles was Cappitech’s analysis on Blockchain technology. Following a request for comments from ESMA about the use of blockchain technology for financial reporting, at Cappitech, we published our internal findings on the matter. (read the article)
iscussing blockchain at 
 the ALFI Conference, Luxembourg

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Ron Finberg

Ron Finberg

Arriving to Cappitech with a journalist background, one of my goals with the Cappitech Blog is to simplify Financial Regulation.

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